Life Insurance is essential to everyone, you often hear it on job benefits or requirements and so on. However, life insurance is essential? What is the purpose of it? Life Insurance is also known as life cover; life cover is a way to protect our loved ones financially if we were to die during the policy period.

According to Life Happens, there are different kinds of policy that you can choose from to get in your life insurance in place. The 2 main types of life insurance are the Term Life Insurance and the Permanent Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most affordable type of insurance when initially purchased. It is also the one that most insurance company has to offer since the word “term” means that is effective on a specific length of time only upon purchased. This type of life insurance often makes sense when we need coverage that will disappear at a particular point of time. For instance, we may decide that we only need coverage until our children graduate from college or a specific debt is paid off, such as a mortgage.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance provides a life-long coverage, as long as you continue to pay on premium packages without debts or surrender taken, the full will be able to be withdrawn by relatives as you die. Permanent life insurance grows cash value and is priced for you to keep it over a long period.

CoverTouch provides real protection for an affordable premium to cater for the need to have simple and basic life coverage. Here in CoverTouch, we offer the best and affordable life insurance services that will surely assist you in every step you need in applying for life insurance.

With Hong Leong Assurance Term Long 10, Term Cover 10, insurance provider partner of CoverTouch, allows you to choose your preferred protection based on your affordability. Furthermore, this level term Insurance enables you to receive guaranteed and level premium (meaning no increase in price!) throughout the 10-year term.

This policy comes with two options at the end of the 10-year policy term:

  1. Option to renew the policy for another 10 years without underwriting. Maximum renewal allowed up to 2 times with the last renewal age at 65 years old.
  2. Option to convert a policy to a permanent life insurance plan, whole life or endowment plan made available for conversion without underwriting for an amount not exceeding the necessary sum assured at the time of conversion. The last conversion age is 65 years old.

What are you waiting for to get insured?? Get Life insurance to ensure a better future even if you are gone. CoverTouch is here to assist with every need and step you need in applying for life insurance. Visit CoverTouch and select life insurance, click the best insurance provider then fill up the following information required, and you are done!

If you need further assistance in choosing a Life Insurance plan or any concerns about the policy feel free to contact our support on our website and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Having insurance will not only help us plan for our future but also the future of the ones we love when the time comes. So, don’t hesitate, go for it before it’s too late!


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