When you travel, accidents can happen all the time as well as misfortunes. Of course, it can be expensive to recover from those mishaps and you want to avoid it or even lessen the cost of damage to you. This is why you should get a travel insurance to help you with these kind of troubles.

No matter where you are heading or your trip is for a business opportunity or just a luxury vacation, getting travel insurance in place is important to avoid any unwanted vacation problems like canceled or delayed flights, sudden illness or lost baggage even something worst like a crash or a natural disaster. CoverTouch gives you the best and cheap travel insurance you can get with no hassle or stress in availing it.

In CoverTouch, we make sure that you get everything you need to feel secured when you travel overseas. CoverTouch also offers an international travel insurance services that allows you to reach us anywhere you are.

Reasons why you should opt International Travel Insurance with CoverTouch

There are several reasons why you should consider getting your travel insurance with CoverTouch. We listed down the four top factors on opting travel insurance with CoverTouch is worth every penny, and this includes the following:

  • CoverTouch has partnered with the three best insurance providers in Malaysia, the MSIG, Kurnia, and eTiQa Takaful provides you a variety of options on what travel insurance cover you want.
  • We offer International Travel Insurance that suits your needs as well as your budget. In CoverTouch, we offer great discounts in every travel insurance package you avail, you can get up-to 25% discounts and more freebies when you get additional promos.
  • CoverTouch makes it easy for you to reach us with our 24-hours customer service. You don’t need to worry about traveling ever again when you have travel insurance from CoverTouch, all you need to do is go to CoverTouch website and choose the best insurance company provider you want and follow the few simple steps.
  • With just a simple fill up form, you can also get an instant rebate when you get additional packages on some of the plans you choose. Each insurance policy will cover different services that would best suit your needs.  You can easily find the best plan for you by choosing and checking out the coverage. From missed flights to medical emergency plans, CoverTouch has the right travel insurance policy for you.

Forget the worry of encountering the common problems of travelling, because with CoverTouch’s travel insurance we will make sure you will get what you deserve. With just a few clicks away you can be on your way to a peaceful and exciting adventure.


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