Unwanted scenarios can happen to your house anywhere and anytime. So in order to prevent more damages in financial or repair, having house insurance is the best to do so.

House insurance can give you enough benefits to cover expenses just in case anything bad happens to your house. Any events and scenarios can happen anytime anywhere and sometimes in the most unexpected way and time. So when is the right time to get house insurance in place?

The truth is there is no right time to buy insurance, be it after buying a new house or just finished building it but one thing is for sure, it’s better to get house insurance in the time you least need it. House insurance is a way to secure house safety as well as your financial problem if something bad occurs in your precious house.

Having house insurance not only can save you from spending too much when a disaster happens but it also has many benefits you can claim depending on your plan of choice. House Insurance with CoverTouch provides convenience and peace of mind knowing that house is protected if anything bad occurs.

At CoverTouch, there’s no need to worry about the assurance of your house because CoverTouch can cover everything you need! Together with the 3 of the top insurance providers in the country Kurnia Insurance, eTiQa Takaful and Allianz, CoverTouch provides you the best and affordable house insurance in Malaysia.

Benefits of having House Insurance with CoverTouch

We listed down some of the top benefits you can get when you have house insurance in place and these include the following:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage to protect property against damage from fire, smoke, storms, vandalism, theft and other hazards.
  • Temporary living expenses if your home is uninhabitable after a covered claim.
  • The option to add coverage for valuable personal property, such as jewelry and musical instruments.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage that replaces lost personal belongings with brand-new equivalents of the same quality.
  • Optional Coverage: different optional coverage are available so that you can tailor coverage to suit your needs and lifestyle.

With CoverTouch, we can easily provide you with a plan that will suit your taste and still budget-friendly. Offering full support as you pick the plan you wanted and if you have questions or any doubts, our customer service is always here to assist you and address different issues and concerns.

Get house insurance plan with CoverTouch and instantly get house insurance quotes online! Just visit CoverTouch, select the type of insurance you want and choose an insurance provider that CoverTouch offers and just fill up the needed information, choose the plan and get a quote! Fast and easy, you won’t even have to leave your house. So why wait? Check us out!


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