Getting and looking for house insurance plan is not easy, there’s a lot of procedures and steps that you need to do and go through. It is time and money consuming, but one thing you can be sure of, we got your back at CoverTouch. From applying for house insurance to getting a claim, CoverTouch made it easy and hassle free for you.

CoverTouch will be your companion all throughout the process and we make sure it worths all the penny. It is our duty and responsibility to give the service and benefits you deserve, that’s why we came up and listed down the top 5 reasons why you start your house insurance plan with CoverTouch.

1. CoverTouch gives you a choice!

Here at CoverTouch, you have the ability to choose your house insurance coverage and plan. Together with Kurnia insurance and Etiqa Takaful, we provide you with different plans that will suit your taste and your budget. With this, you can be sure you are able to get the coverage you desire and we are here to provide assistance if you need suggestions and questions about the plan you choose.

2. CoverTouch is an Online insurance platform

CoverTouch is an online insurance platform, which means you can access it anytime, anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. There’s no need to go out of the comfort of your own house just to search for an insurance plan or inquire and avail house insurance. With CoverTouch being available online, you can access it to inquire and avail house insurance with just a few clicks.

3. CoverTouch gives house insurance quotes online

Covertouch being an online insurance platform, as you can choose your plan online you can instantly get your house insurance quote ONLINE! With this, you won’t have to worry about getting a plan that might cost high and out of your normal budget, or having extra charges that might get hidden and surprise you when you check out.

4. Secured transaction and protected information with CoverTouch

At CoverTouch, you can assure every transaction is secured and all your personal information is safe and protected. We are using SSL encrypted connection on our website to provide all users an end to end point security.

5. CoverTouch makes sure to give you the best

Customer satisfaction is one of the main goals of CoverTouch. This is why we ensure that we provide the best insurance you need. Your house is our priority when you avail House Insurance with CoverTouch. We offer the best house insurance you can find and more for such a cheap price.

CoverTouch wants to give you the best service you deserve. We care for your house as much as we care about you. Visit CoverTouch and get the best House Insurance plan ready for you!


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