Ever wonder what would happen if you suffered from an injury or accident that makes you unable to work? Then having personal accident insurance can help you through those troubles. Personal accident insurance offers financial compensation if ever you suffer from bodily injuries leading to total or partial disability or even death due to accidents. Personal accident insurance allows the policyholder or his/her family to be financially stable if ever he or she, unfortunately, die due to accidents.

There are many kinds of insurance, most known insurance is health insurance which provides financial support towards expenses like hospital bills, drugs, treatment, etc. and the next one is life insurance policy where it covers the risk of death. Both of them are a well-known insurance policy, but few people know about personal accident insurance.

A personal accident insurance policy covers the insurance holder against death or disability due to an accident. Personal accident insurance is offered by all general insurance companies and one of the best policies is from CoverTouch, where you can know more about personal accident insurance policy through our website and get in touch with us.

Benefits of owning a Personal Accident Insurance Policy

To give you a better understanding of the same, we have listed down a few advantages of having a personal accident insurance policy.

  • Family security
  • Substantial coverage at a low premium
  • Worldwide coverage
  • The easy and hassle-free claim process
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
  • No requirement of medical tests and documentation

Who Should Buy Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance is not required but essential for everyone, no matter what age, occupation or health status. Everyone should have this type of insurance as soon as we start working. Even when working with extensive precaution, accidents may occur anytime anywhere. This may result in disablement, loss of limbs and the most unfortunate is death, with this, getting personal accident insurance can be the answer to those unfortunate things that may happen to anyone. Having this insurance plan can ensure financial support for you and your family if anything happens.‚Äč

Here at CoverTouch, we offer you 4 different policies of personal accident insurance to choose from, depending on the needs and budget, there is a policy CoverTouch can provide you! Just visit CoverTouch and check each policy fits you perfectly. CoverTouch ensure your comfort is a top priority so feel free to ask us any inquiries about personal accident insurance or any other insurance we offer.


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