Got a brand new house? Don’t waste time and get house insurance along with it. Having house insurance can provide a lot of benefits for your house and family. With House Insurance you can make sure your home and contents are covered from all manner of filthy disasters and burglaries that might happen anytime. It can cover the expenses when nature or humans destroy or steal home contents.

Getting house insurance can save you from financial defeat might occur when unforeseen disaster happens to your home. However, looking for the right house insurance can be a hassle and waste of time, this is why we at CoverTouch provides you the best yet affordable house insurance in Malaysia.

Benefits of having House Insurance with CoverTouch

Here are some of the benefits you can get if you wish to opt House Insurance with CoverTouch.

  • It protects home and other property. It protects your house from natural disasters or even man-made misfits.
  • It protects liability and includes essential allowances. Eventually, if any undesirable things and events happen to your house, House Insurance can provide necessary fixes to it, all depending on the plan you choose.
  • It’s easy to get started. It is necessary to have House Insurance especially when it’s brand new. It can be the best first step to do before you get started filling memories and happy moments with the family inside your dear home.

House Insurance for First Time Buyers

Getting House Insurance is one of the best decisions you can make for the things you value the most. Spending a lot to protect your investments is never a waste of money. Here are some of the house insurance tips and things to remember if you are planning to get house insurance policy for the first time.

1. Cheap insurance may not be the best value

In some cases cheap house insurance are often the least desirable one. You can get a cheap policy yet it can’t cover what you really need for protection. Sometimes, opting for a cheap house insurance might cost you more. Gather different insurance quotes from different insurance providers and compare and choose what’s best suit your needs.

2. Understand the benefits of cover

Always keep an eye on the benefits you can get for the contents you insured and don’t forget to specify the most important items. Understand what your house insurance policy can cover and not. Some insurance providers give you extended benefits and offers optional extras.

3. Know your excess

An excess is the amount of money you take out of the pocket before the insurance kicks in. Each house insurance policy comes a number of different excesses due to the nature of home insurance and the numerous risks it covers.

4. Understand what is excluded

Each insurance policy has a number of exclusions that you should take note so you fully comply with the contract between you and the insurer. It is important you always know and understand which are included and not.

5. Letter of indemnity

Home insurance is a key requisite for mortgage and one of the most important aspects of this is the letter of indemnity, which the bank will request from your insurance provider.This must be submitted to the bank in order to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to the purchase of your first property.

CoverTouch together with the 3 of the best insurance providers in Malaysia, Kurnia Insurance, eTiQa Takaful and Allianz, we are able to provide you the best insurance in budget prices. You won’t ever have to worry about the disasters that might happen to your home but also the expenses of the aftermath.

We care for your house as much as we care about you. Visit CoverTouch and apply for your very own House insurance! Instantly get House Insurance Quote online easy and hassle free. This is possible because of CoverTouch’s online platform where you can access anytime and anywhere! Get your House Insurance with no hassle with CoverTouch!


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