Accidents happen every time and at the least expected, nobody wants the pain of both physically and financially when an accident happens.

It is essential to get yourself an insurance ahead of time, since you will never know when the exact time you will need it. It is still important to have it ready and be insured so when the time comes you are prepared. Insurance is there to help you lessen the burden of unwanted scenarios and processes financially.

In CoverTouch, together with one of the top insurance providers in Malaysia, the Kurnia Insurances, we can provide you with the best personal insurance you can get. You don’t need to worry about the pending bills or financial problems that you need to face in personal accidents or accidents inflicted to you by a third party.

Four Types of Personal Insurance with CoverTouch

We offer 4 kinds of Personal Insurance here in CoverTouch. It will give you the will to choose which Personal Insurance plan suits your taste and your budget.

1. Perfect Rider Plus

Perfect Rider Plus improves the motor insurance policies that you already have to give you an extra protection from accidents, breakdowns and other unwanted incidences on the road. Get an extra peace of mind and financial support against the unexpected events, for the both of you and your passengers.

2. Perfect Rider 24hr

Perfect Rider 24hr offers you and your loved ones round-the-clock Personal Accident insurance in Malaysia and in other countries all over the globe. You can enjoy the 24-hour roadside assistance and unlimited towing services anytime and anywhere in Malaysia.

3. Perfect 10

Just got your first and dream job. Got engaged and getting married soon. Thinking about retirement and settling down. Every stage you go through in life has exciting twists and turns and of course some bumps too. That’s why you need to have personal accident insurance in place flexible enough to cover you as go through chapters of your life.

4. Right Cover

Accidents can ruin your life. However, the right personal accident plan can protect you and your family from the financial losses caused by death, disability or injury. Right Cover Personal Accident insurance will give you 24-hour worldwide protection, giving you the peace of mind and the courage to face unforeseen situations that’s on your way.

CoverTouch, together with Kurnia Insurance, is here to assist you and provide the best personal insurance you can avail on an affordable price. We will be your companion all throughout the process.

Feeling down and out physically on top of medical expenses to pay? Your life is precious! Pamper yourself when you are in the low, CoverTouch is here to protect you. Visit CoverTouch and with just a simple click and quick registration, choose the right insurance that fits your taste. Get your Personal Insurance quote online, and you’re done. Have your life protected by CoverTouch!


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