Insurance companies offering travel insurance are just around the corner nowadays, but not all of them are efficient and worth it. Some just offer packages that are not really what you need yet you have to pay high premium.

CoverTouch is an online insurance platform offering the cheapest yet the best travel insurance in the country. With CoverTouch you will not only get to choose the travel insurance plan or package that suits your needs but you can also get it for a very friendly and affordable price.

Why CoverTouch has the Best Travel Insurance in Malaysia?

CoverTouch also cares for and do its best to provide you with everything you need, Our partner insurer have 24-hour worldwide travel assistance hotline which you can call for information and advice, in times of need. CoverTouch’s partner insurer not only provides assistance to you but can also give your family the assurance of having a safe and enjoyable trip with its flexible travel insurance plans, so you can either choose to enjoy its benefits individually, by group or with your family.

Buying travel insurance can be expensive and difficult to understand at the time, here at CoverTouch we provide a comprehensive instruction page will be presented to further smoothen out the process.  If you don’t have the time to read through fine prints, we can also provide assistance through whatsapp, email or online contact form if that what make you comfortable as CoverTouch’s valued customer. We recommend you to read the terms and conditions to make sure you will get the insurance plan that suits you.  Support and assistance from CoverTouch is always available if in case you need help to process the payment.

Of course, buying cheap insurance can be risky, but not with CoverTouch. We believe that you deserve the best travel insurance and have the choice of the packages that can protect you and your budget. You can easily find the best travel insurance plan for you by choosing and checking out its coverage.  From missed flights to medical emergency plans, CoverTouch has the right policy for you. With the partnership with the best travel insurance providers in Malaysia, you don’t need to buy fancy and expensive travel insurance, CoverTouch is here to help you choose the cheapest and best travel insurance available.

With just a few clicks and following the simple steps, we guarantee that every traveler will have a hassle-free and secured trips with CoverTouch. We offer fast, hassle-free and cheap but the best travel insurance services, contact CoverTouch today for inquiries.


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