Having troubles in searching the best insurance company for suitable life insurance? Luckily, you finally reach the end of searching because the journey of a happy and worry-free life starts today with CoverTouch.

Here in CoverTouch, we offer the best assistance and we will be with you throughout the process of getting life insurance. It is because we care for you and your loved ones and we only want the best way of life you deserve.

CoverTouch has many great benefits that can surely be yours in such a low price. 10 year policy is offered on first apply and another 10 years upon renewal. CoverTouch gives protection for most affordable premium coverage from RM0.30 per day to cater the need to have simple and basic life coverage.

CoverTouch with Hong Leong Assurance

We partnered to Malaysia’s top insurance provider, Hong Leong Assurance, to give the life assurance best services you need. Hong Leong Assurance Term Cover 10 allows you to choose your preferred protection based on your affordability. Furthermore, this level term Insurance enables you to receive guaranteed and level premium, meaning there’s no increase in price throughout the 10-year term.

With Hong Leong Assurance Term Cover 10 is a 10 year life insurance plan that provides the following benefits:

  • A sum assured lump sum payment of at least RM50,000 in the event of death or Total and Permanent Disability
  • You have the option to renew your policy for another 10 years
  • You also have the option to convert to a permanent life insurance plan

CoverTouch makes sure that we provide you with the best offer you need in choosing life insurance. We ensure that every penny you pay is worth it with all the benefits you can get during the 10-year term policy that Hong Leong offers.

During the 10-year term policy insurance, you can customize what benefits you want, or you get to choose what your insurance wants to cover when applying in CoverTouch and see how much your life insurance will cost. Getting life insurance policy with CoverTouch, is also getting the cheapest life plan yet the best benefits you can possibly have. CoverTouch also allows you to see the prices by monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually of the plan you choose in order for you to asses on how to pay the life insurance fee.

You don’t need to worry about the troublesome application forms and processes cause CoverTouch is just a click away to get the life insurance or any insurance you want. We will email you directly with the soft copy of policy and in the future you can still manage the policy online. Visit CoverTouch and choose the type of insurance you want and just follow the few simple instructions, fill up the needed information and you are good to go! Enjoy the feeling of having life insurance provided by CoverTouch!

Check us out at CoverTouch to learn more about insurance and how it can make your life easier and worry-free!


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