Buying expensive things is something you can brag to everyone, and sure expensive things often come with freebies and such. However, when it comes to insurance which cost a lot, and we think getting just a cheap personal insurance is the best way to go, though it’s not.

Personal Accident Insurance is a type of insurance provides financial security for you and your family in the event of a serious injury, illness, loss of ability to earn, disability or worst, death. Meaning, this insurance allows you to continue your way of living by giving financial help to pay any outstanding debts or everyday expenses.

Expensive vs Cheap Personal Insurance

Buying expensive personal insurance instead of cheap personal insurance is out of the option because it still covers both the purpose of helping you from financial problems in life if everything goes south for the policyholder. Buying expensive personal insurance can give a lot of benefits, benefits which you probably don’t know if you will be able to use in the future. This will only cost you extra, money that can be used for other things you need. Unlike buying cheap personal insurance that provides you exactly what you need. Although it is cheap these doesn’t mean it won’t cost much, personal insurance still cost a lot since it will provide you with the financial help you need in the future. Sometimes, getting the cheap personal insurance won’t give you exactly what you need, get the affordable one yet gives you what you are looking for and satisfy your needs.

CoverTouch is an insurance platform known to offers one of the best insurance policies in Malaysia. This includes cheap personal insurance policies yet gives useful and best benefits. We make sure you get what policies and benefits you deserve at a very affordable price. We’ve partnered with one of the top Insurance providers in Malaysia, Kurnia Insurance, in giving you the best you can ever have on a personal accident insurance, where you can have 4 different Personal Accident Insurance plan you can choose from. This includes:

  1. Kurnia Rider Plus
  2. Kurnia Perfect 10
  3. Kurnia Perfect Rider 24
  4. Kurnia Right Cover

Grab the best, right and affordable and not cheap personal insurance. Here at CoverTouch, we have different types of insurance where you are free to choose which one is right for you, what you need and suits your budget.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to buy expensive or cheap personal insurances as long as it covers the one you need, and it is the assurance of protecting you and your family’s future. Just make sure you get what you need and have a full knowledge of everything you will get when you apply for personal insurance whether it is expensive or cheap.


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