Want to travel hassle-free, traveling should be all fun and excitement, right? However, at some point, unforeseen problems may arise while you travel.

You cannot rely on just any policy, you need a reliable travel insurance to cover for the financial damages that loom while you’re out of town. On the other hand, getting the best travel insurance can be difficult with all the needed documents and procedures. With all the different types of Travel Insurance coverage, how do you tailor-fit the best travel insurance package for your trip and budget? Remove your dilemmas when travelling because CoverTouch is here to provide the best travel insurance online that you can have with just a few clicks.

How to Get CoverTouch Travel Insurance Online?

CoverTouch is an online platform that provides travel insurance online with three of the best insurance providers in Malaysia. Just simply go to CoverTouch website for you to choose one that suits your style and budget. When you get the chance to pick your desired insurance package, you can also avail many freebies from the company’s websites as well as rebates and discounts on certain package. This not just makes travel insurance online application easier and simpler and also faster because you don’t need to go through lots of processes. It is also convenient in many ways for it is an online application where you can access anytime and anywhere.

Here are a few simple steps to get your CoverTouch Travel Insurance Online

By following these steps you assure CoverTouch will get you protected whenever you travel locally or abroad.

  • Visit CoverTouch website: https://covertouch.com.my
  • Login or signup using your email address or Facebook account
  • Choose the type of insurance you wish to apply
  • Select which insurance provider you wish to get your Travel Insurance
  • You will receive the E-Policy via email after payment made

You get to choose what kind of travel insurance online you want with CoverTouch. Providing three different insurance providers that can help you decide which insurance policy is right for you, be it cashless medical care, loss of valuables or even delayed trips. CoverTouch is here to assist you with everything you need to prepare for your travel.

There is nothing more CoverTouch want but to give you the best travel insurance you can get and to assist you in making your choice. Your chosen insurance will have online support which is active 24-hours every day allowing us to give assistance to you anywhere and anytime you want. Be it just an inquiry, questions or suggestions, we are here to accommodate you with anything.

Whether it’s a business trip or just a plain vacation extravagant, you are having the option to have less hassle and worry about getting your trip insured. Get a faster, simpler and easier Travel Insurance Online with CoverTouch.


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