Worried about the safety of your lifestyle and itineraries?  Perhaps you’d like to enroll into a cheap yet best travel insurance that is flexible to suit your needs.  If you are a person with unyielding wanderlust and have frequent business trips, you might be afraid of the dangers of missed flights, unforeseen turnabouts and medical emergencies that might affect your scheduled trips, then CoverTouch will help you with these things.  You can easily register at CoverTouch online travel insurance in a few short clicks, eliminating the hassle of going through travel agencies or banks.

Nowadays, travelling is considered either a business opportunity or a luxury, the latter more likely to cause problems than the former.  There would always be a danger of missed flights due to traffic, rescheduled flights due to problems in the airport, and other inevitable problems while planning a trip.  Availing a travel insurance will help mitigate said problems and ensure a smooth trip for you anytime you wish.

How to get the Best Travel Insurance with CoverTouch?

You can simply visit CoverTouch to choose the insurance company you’d like to get the insurance from and follow the few simple steps.  Fill-out the form and submit, fast and smooth. You will get instant rebates from some of the plans and more.  Each insurance policy will cover different services that would best suit your needs. It is easy to find the best travel insurance plan for you by choosing a plan and checking out the coverage.  From Missed Flights to Medical Emergency plans, CoverTouch has the right policy for you.

Cover Touch is a one-stop shop for your insurance needs, ranging from the best travel insurance to lifestyle and even for life insurance.  Reliable and trusted by big companies all over Malaysia, you can guarantee the quality of service you will get and the after-care support you can access.  Aside from your insurance, you will have access to 24/7 care support in case you encounter any problems with the transactions or even during your trips.

To buy the insurance, all you need to have is your Passport ID and identification then click on “Buy”.  A comprehensive instruction page will be presented to further smoothen out the process.  Please also read the terms and conditions to make sure you will get the right insurance plan for you.  Support is ready if in case you need help to process your payment.

Forget the worry of encountering the frequent problems of travel with CoverTouch’s travel insurance!  With just a few clicks away you can be on your way to an exciting adventure, smooth and hassle-free.


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