Personal accidents can be costly and maybe more than we can handle, this is why it is important to have a personal accident insurance or PA insurance. With the help of this kind of insurance we can enjoy life without any worries. Personal accident insurance provides us with the financial help and assurance of we will not shoulder too much financial problem, or if we’re lucky to find a Personal insurance that can fully support financially. This gives us the peace of mind that whenever we get into accidents, there is an insurance that got us covered.

Where to find the best personal accident insurance?

A lot of insurance companies offer different kind of benefits when availing personal accident insurance but then gives hidden charges that might surprise you in the end. The question will be, how will you find the best personal accident insurance?

At CoverTouch, you don’t need to worry about any hidden charges and gives you the benefits worthy of every penny. We offer the best personal accident insurance you can find in Malaysia. CoverTouch is an insurance platform where we present you one of the best insurance providers in the country. Together with Kurnia Insurance, here we provide 4 of the best personal accident insurance policy.

Kurnia Personal Insurance Policy

This type of personal accident insurance allows the holder to upgrade their existing motor insurance gives the holder extra protection.

This type of personal insurance provides you and your loved ones a 24 hours road protection whenever and wherever you are.

Perfect 10 is a personal accident insurance policy that you can upgrade no matter how old you are, this PA insurance got you covered for 10 years.

Right Cover Personal Accident insurance will also give you a 24-hour worldwide protection, giving you the peace of mind for any accident or unwanted situation involving you getting hurt.

Life is unpredictable, you’ll never know when an accident could happen. Protect yourself and your loved ones from financial strain if a calamity were to befall you. Get the best personal accident insurance at CoverTouch! Visit our website and instantly get a quote online. No hidden charges and you get to pay the best personal accident insurance policy fit you and your budget perfectly!

No need to worry because CoverTouch is here to protect you with every insurance you need! Visit us and get insured!


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